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Sell Raddi Online

Buy Bye paper is the leading company providing the facility of selling your raddi/unused paper online. We provide the easiest way to sell your unused papers and old books at your door step. We are providing our valued customer to book an order from our application, website as well as on call which is available 24/7 at your service.

We have verified agent who arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time and place. He will be armed with eco-friendly carry bags and an electronic weighing machine to give you the exact weight as transparency is our key motto.

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How it works

Follow simple steps to register and schedule a pickup at your desired location.

Place order

You can choose to download our app and schedule a pickup or simply click on schedule pickup to place your order. You can also call us to schedule a pickup.

Pick up

A verified agent from Buy Bye Paper will armed with eco-friendly bags and an electronic weighing machine will arrive at your door to pick up your raddi.

Get Paid

With the accurate measurement of the raddi you will be paid the total amount at your door step. The rate will be very reasonable and you would love to see us again.


The raddi collected from all the customers will be sent for recycling to make a better use of the unsed papers and contribute towards an eco friendly world.

Why choose us?

This is a question you make ask as to why should you sell your raddi to us? Here are some feature we provide that no one else does:

Pick up at your door

We provide pick up from home facility as per your scheduled date and time. The raddi will only be collected by our verified agents.

Order from Web or Mobile App

You may choose to order online by our website or download our App from play store. You can also call us at +91 9555479380 to place your order.

We Recycle

The papers collected from the customers will be sent for recycling. This way we can save as many trees we can.

What People Think!

You feedback is very important to us for constant support and maintainance. Here are some valuable feedbacks we would like to share with you.

“Door step. Finger tip service Very useful & reliable service by proffesional way. Weight accuracy and importantly the agent behavior, which gives you overall satisfaction.”

Abhishek Jain Happy Customer

“The motive is great !!! and when I sold the paper to them then found that probably I was cheated by my present raddi wala for more than 1 ton --- . my guess of 12 kg weight of old news paper was actually 24 kg.”

Dibbendu Bhattacharya Happy Customer

“So convinient wow! Moneny does not matters but the weight accuracy, which gives satisfaction as u r not cheated.”

Amit Arora Happy Customer

Our Mission

Just think before you bin it, there could be some use in it!
We are at a mission to save as many trees as possible by recycling the waste papers and book.

Unsed paper we have collected so far for recycling:

8174 KG

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our App, or to just say hello!